The Dunn Family


Chris (EasyCD)

Family From

Back row from left to right. Christopher, Allan, Helen, Alan Junior, Mark.

Front row from left to right. Henry, (Mum Isabella) George, (Father Allan)

This Photograph was taken in March 2004 for our Mother 80th Birthday



 (Father)     Alan Haggie Nimmo Dunn    

                           Born 7th August 1924      -      Died 9th November 1999




 (Mother)     Isabella Benning Oswald Frew Dunn                 

                            Born 16th  March 1924      -    Died 3rd February 2006



  (Son)             George William Frew Dunn                            

                              Born 6th February      1947




  (Son)             Allan Richard Hazard  Dunn                            

                              Born 12th January     1949





    (Son)            Henry Snowden  Dunn                                   

                              Born 29th March     1951              





   (Son)              Mark Hunter Dunn                                       

                               Born 15th May 1953      -     Died    27th May 2005       





   (Daughter)        Helen Low Dunn                                       

                                      Born 15th February   1954




   (Son))       s            Christopher Hunter Dunn                              


                                       Born 11th April           1955





  (Son)          Alan George Mark Dunn     (Adopted)               

                           Born 7th November      1971