Items I have that is for Sale

Yamaha Keyboard very good condition 50.00

Nissan P registration V24 Valve gas conversion with 100 litre full MOT 

Buccaneer  Three Birth caravan 


     1998 Nission QX 3 LITRE 24 VALVE                     With a 90 litre LPG convertion                                  

23 foot 10" twin wheel 3 berth Caravan (This Caravan is in excellent Condition none smoker). I have just had a full service on her last month. At a cost of 650.00 If you know your caravans you will know that Buccaneers are the best British caravan that has ever been made the UK. The body of the caravan is made by coach builders so if you are unfortunate to have any damage to the caravan only the panel is replaced not like other vans where you have to replace the full side or back ect. The inside of the van is made to the highest standard.It has full sprung seating that has had through over covers on at all times hence the condition. It is fully alarmed .carbon dioxide sensor's, smoke alarm, outside security light which is heat activated. it comes with 10 by 6 foot porch awning the van itself has full central heating Gas or electric So the caravan can be used all year round. It has a 40 gallon tank built in. you can have hot water at all times. It has a full size fridge, Cooker, shower, toiler wash basin. full wardrobe loads of cupboard space full stereo system, television ariel sockets, cocktail bar, hidden lockable compartment for drinks, documents  pills ect cocktail bar, dinning table, It also comes with electric cable for hooking up, Onside Televion Ariel, Wheel lock, hitch lock water barrel, waste barrel. ect ect               This must be seen to appreciate

 The Nissan Qx 3 litre 24 valve Automatic with a LPG conversion with a 100 litre gas tank in the boot of the car. The car is in good condition It has 142.000 with 10 months MOT , No road tax as I was exempt. as I am disable. The car is in good condition for its age it has a slight debt in the rear passenger door. I have enclosed a photo of this on my web site so please feel free in emailing me any questions or if you would like the email address so you will be able to view photographs of the caravan & car it has a full stereo system with CD auto changer in the boot.                                      It will play  CD, CDR, CDRW, Wave, MP3 WMA discs I bought this last year at a cost of  435.99 fully fitter. In the past year I have put on 4 new tyres, brakes, new heavy duty battery, new starter motor & alternator.  The car sounds & drive well. and very economical to drive as you can get LPG much cheaper than petrol. I can get LPG for 29p litre for our local Morrison's super. With the size of engine the car tows the caravan with ease







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