If you are reading this page. It is most likely that you have seen my Land Rover Discovery with its spectacular  unique  Spare Wheel Cover on the back of the car. With my web address displayed. within the graphics. Then it must have made a big impression on you?  Also the design has done its intended job. 40% of all visitors who arrive at my web site are through my www address which is incorporated in my design along with my two King Charles Cavaliers. Mother & daughter, Gemma  & Misty age 11 & 7 years old. Misty is the brave one that is standing up on her back legs. Also in the design.s Snowy my 3 year old soft as a brush Umbrella Cockatoo Snowy.                     


Each of my pets in the design was taken from three different photographs, & why I put snowy the mad Umbrella Cockatoo up there on a perch out of the way with a peg in his beak.. Why I put that photo of  Snowy I will never know? I just thought it looked funny & cool. Later when I was creating the design I looked at the design like this. Basically I will tried to translated my design as a story. The story goes something like this. This is a story of four pet animal's & their master who is a stunning. owner. The tiger dropped a small wooden clothes peg, that he had been playing with all morning Snowy the Umbrella Cockatoo picked it up then flew to a small perch out reach of one big angry tiger who had been playing with this little wooden peg all morning. Who got very angry that someone had got his peg he was attempting to take his anger out of anyone & everyone that stood in his way. The animals master attempts to get everything under control & Misty the younger of the dogs stood up to protect her master & for Gemma she is just sitting back letting everyone else do the work.. ( What an imagination but that's what it looks like to me when I was designing the graphics for my Spare Wheel Cover)  at this cover. you Now if you require a design made up for your spare wheel cover. It could be anything from a photograph of your family. Your pet or idea or thought spare wheel cover. So here are a selection of 1 or 2,  designs that can be made into 4x4 Spare Wheel Covers. (Hard Covers Only) Not soft vinyl covers. On their own, the design look spectacular on the rear of 4x4 car.  But just imagine how they would look if you had your own www, Business address or Your Email address added to your design. Then lets just go a little bit further and do as I have done incorporate your children's photo's or you favourite pet photo then you will finish up with your own unique design. This can all happen I can have any 4x4 designed edited to fit on any size spare wheel cover from 13" to 25" If you have any questions you can why don't you Email me just double click on blue word that says Email .   

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This is only a small display of some of the graphics posted on my web page. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you see any design that takes your fancy you will find the blue Email: at the top of the page.